Posing Glaze
Posing Glaze

Posing Glaze

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Bikini Glow

Bikini Glow is the perfect glaze for bikini or model search competitors, slightly lighter than our enhanced definition glaze it can be sprayed directly onto the skin and takes minimal blending for an all over sheen, perfectly highlighting your physique under stage lights. This product is also recommended for post show shoots when you need just a little shine to bring your Color back to life for the camera.

Enhanced Definition Posing Glaze

The Enhanced Definition Posing Glaze is slightly heavier than the Bikini Glow and is recommended for male competitors taking to the stage in Physique, Classic Physique, 212 or Open Bodybuilding. This glaze is best applied by hand and needs to be smoothed over your tan for an even finish giving your physique a perfect sheen that showcases your muscle definition under stage lighting. Our posing glaze will not lift or damage your LSR stage tan.

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